Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The NW Awaits

So, very soon, my wife and I will be taking a journey across country to the gateway to Alaska - Seattle Washington. Our apartment is in shambles from packing, our wardrobe is dwindling to a few boxes, and I'm fighting a cold. How nice.
A lot of people have asked us: "why Seattle, why move?" Our answers somewhat remain the same each time, as we look our disappointed friends in their anxious faces, we say:
When we were dating Ange sat me down and basically said that she didn't want to settle down, she wanted to travel. I was so releived, I was actually thinking just about the same thing - how I wanted to travel and see the world with my bride, not before my bride. We started talking about where we would like to live and pretty quickly we narrowed it down to Germany or Seattle. We decided to start with Seattle.
It's been an interesting time seeing what this adventure could hold. We ask for your prayers, moving isn't easy for me, and it's definatly going to be interesting seeing our friends and making new ones. We really don't see Seattle being a long term place for us... we have to move to Germany anyway... (smile), but I may go to school and get a degree while I'm there. It may happen.
So, the departure date for this duo is September 24th, I hope we get to see you before we leave! If not, well... we'll be back.