Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Mascot

I think this mascot picked Kopplin's coffee. This is about the weirdest thing thats happened at the shop that I can think of so far. We had a visit from a hummingbird. A ruby throated hummingbird. We caught him after about 2 hours of him flying around the shop, we safely released him.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tame the Loch Ness Monster

I'm really only refering to Kopplin's coffee's espresso machine the Synesso Cyncra, who some of us lovingly call nessy. I could probably also refer to me when I say that - I've been reading some cool stuff from a singleness website... Anyway, I now work upwards of 36 hours there, thank you Kopplin, thank you Amie! It's going to be a really fun time working so much on the machine and with all our customers. I also have the time now to start back at Storytelling. I'm still working on a home roaster, that should be done within the next two months or so. Aside from those two things, which is a lot, I'm also starting a workout program. One of my customers from Kopplin's has been a personal trainer in Switzerland and offered to help me set up a program. So now I'll be working out four days a week and trying to love it... It's mostly for mental health that I'm doing it, I do feel a little sluggish, but mainly for mental health. Ok, well, if you want to hear some stories just let me know.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Fair is over.

The fair is over and I am thankful for that! It was an interesting time, I had fun with the people I worked with and with some of the folks who attended, but whoa, it was a crazy time! Some say it's the cause of all the problems in the state but ... I like it? For the most part I do, there are so many things that could happen and so much excitement! In fact, if you stare for a while and listen to all thats going on around you, the smells and movement, it may be the closest I've gotten to chaos. Especially with "Weird Al" Yankovic singing (and yes it's actually him in the flesh) in the background. Towards the end of the fair I began taking my lunch breaks in different animal buildings. I had some really interesting conversations with a farmer who owns 89 head of cattle, about half are dairy and the other are beef cattle. I continued my tour of the cow building to see a girl feeding one of her cows, it was sweet. The day before I walked around the dairy goat building and took a little video of the scene. So, I learned a lot at the fair, about people and animals and that my feet don't like me after thousands of hours standing on concrete.