Thursday, November 27, 2008

Awe Man! Life is an Adventure!!

I am falling more and more in love with this girl named Angela. I'm so glad we're getting married! We've been doing some marriage counseling, seeing our pastor and his wife and spending as much time as we can afford together; sooner or later we start miss understanding each other cause we're so tired and I think she's calling me a pretzel when she's really just saying my name, I think. Just the other day, on our way to an appointment she said: "I'm hungry." later I said we should go get some food before we continued on in our day, she looked at me like I was crazy, "I'm not hungry." "But you said earlier that you were...?" "Did I? I think I meant that I wanted pie... at that moment..." That was a funny realization. It's all fun.
The hard thing is the change, the changing from a single Pat to a married Pat. Even now I don't feel single, but that's not truly the reality. And when all is said and done I am a bride already to my Lord, so how do I love this woman before me? For those of you who know me - and those coming to understand me - I have an interesting relationship with change, not the best relationship.
We started moving in to our new place the other day and I watched her walk down the hall of our new apartment and I thought, dude, you are moving in with this girl! You are going to marry her! Reality can open your eyes real quick, and I feel a little nervous. Those nerves fade though when she says "hey, when we build our own house, can we have trap doors? And maybe a secret room?!" "YES! That's awesome!"
But in all the thoughts and moving, counseling and roller coaster emotional moments we have both seen God do some amazing things in each of our lives. God has brought together two people who strive for a life full of Him, to glorify Him. And as our humanness comes out more fully and we see who we are really, He is there, and it's so amazing and beautiful. Wow, we are both no where near perfect but as we both trust in God, we/I just am continuously amazing at the faithfulness of God. He is so wonderful! I am so happy that God is leading me closer to Himself, and with Angela no less. The life that God gives is not easy, but it is truly LIFE.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sliders and Japanese TV

I came home the other night to a night of junk food eating. My house mate Joe and Austin were dining on White Castle, Sweet Tea, Pomegranate 7-up and Cranberry Canada Dry. They were eating this while watching a really weird show called the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. If you're going to watch it, take Advil first.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, I am a Real Big Nerd

I have not posted about this in a long time, but I am excited to see that the new expansion pack for World of Warcraft has come out: Wrath of the Lich King. I haven't played the game in nearly ten months but this is a neat reason to come back to it. Not great timing considering I'm getting married. Yeah Pat that's the best thing for you marriage, a computer game... No need to worry, my attention is to my Lord and my bride. That game was real fun though! Maybe some day...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's So Special About a Gin and Tonic?

2 oz gin
5 oz tonic water
1 lime wedge

Pour the gin and the tonic water into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Garnish with the lime wedge. Tastes like pine needles. I love pine needles.

According to tradition, the bitter taste of anti-malarial quinine tonic led British colonials in India to mix it with gin, thus creating the gin-and-tonic cocktail, which is still popular today in many parts of the world, especially the U.K., United States, southern Canada, parts of Australia and even Lhasa, Tibet.
I didn't know that this drink had such a history and an impact on the world. Not nesicarily starting with gin but with tonic water and it's anti-malarial quinine contained within. It's been used as an anti-malarial drug since WWI. Peruvian's would mix the drink with a sweet water - making a tonic water, to help ease the pain of the cold - being so high in the mountains. Quinine acts as a muscle relaxer as well. So interesting.
I started thinking about my wonderful friend down in Argentina, Liz, when I read that quinine is an ingredient in a soft drink down near Argentina, Paso de los Toros, and that maybe it's there to fight against malaria?? Who knows?

I love Google and Wikipedia, they make things so interesting.