Thursday, November 27, 2008

Awe Man! Life is an Adventure!!

I am falling more and more in love with this girl named Angela. I'm so glad we're getting married! We've been doing some marriage counseling, seeing our pastor and his wife and spending as much time as we can afford together; sooner or later we start miss understanding each other cause we're so tired and I think she's calling me a pretzel when she's really just saying my name, I think. Just the other day, on our way to an appointment she said: "I'm hungry." later I said we should go get some food before we continued on in our day, she looked at me like I was crazy, "I'm not hungry." "But you said earlier that you were...?" "Did I? I think I meant that I wanted pie... at that moment..." That was a funny realization. It's all fun.
The hard thing is the change, the changing from a single Pat to a married Pat. Even now I don't feel single, but that's not truly the reality. And when all is said and done I am a bride already to my Lord, so how do I love this woman before me? For those of you who know me - and those coming to understand me - I have an interesting relationship with change, not the best relationship.
We started moving in to our new place the other day and I watched her walk down the hall of our new apartment and I thought, dude, you are moving in with this girl! You are going to marry her! Reality can open your eyes real quick, and I feel a little nervous. Those nerves fade though when she says "hey, when we build our own house, can we have trap doors? And maybe a secret room?!" "YES! That's awesome!"
But in all the thoughts and moving, counseling and roller coaster emotional moments we have both seen God do some amazing things in each of our lives. God has brought together two people who strive for a life full of Him, to glorify Him. And as our humanness comes out more fully and we see who we are really, He is there, and it's so amazing and beautiful. Wow, we are both no where near perfect but as we both trust in God, we/I just am continuously amazing at the faithfulness of God. He is so wonderful! I am so happy that God is leading me closer to Himself, and with Angela no less. The life that God gives is not easy, but it is truly LIFE.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sliders and Japanese TV

I came home the other night to a night of junk food eating. My house mate Joe and Austin were dining on White Castle, Sweet Tea, Pomegranate 7-up and Cranberry Canada Dry. They were eating this while watching a really weird show called the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. If you're going to watch it, take Advil first.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, I am a Real Big Nerd

I have not posted about this in a long time, but I am excited to see that the new expansion pack for World of Warcraft has come out: Wrath of the Lich King. I haven't played the game in nearly ten months but this is a neat reason to come back to it. Not great timing considering I'm getting married. Yeah Pat that's the best thing for you marriage, a computer game... No need to worry, my attention is to my Lord and my bride. That game was real fun though! Maybe some day...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's So Special About a Gin and Tonic?

2 oz gin
5 oz tonic water
1 lime wedge

Pour the gin and the tonic water into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Garnish with the lime wedge. Tastes like pine needles. I love pine needles.

According to tradition, the bitter taste of anti-malarial quinine tonic led British colonials in India to mix it with gin, thus creating the gin-and-tonic cocktail, which is still popular today in many parts of the world, especially the U.K., United States, southern Canada, parts of Australia and even Lhasa, Tibet.
I didn't know that this drink had such a history and an impact on the world. Not nesicarily starting with gin but with tonic water and it's anti-malarial quinine contained within. It's been used as an anti-malarial drug since WWI. Peruvian's would mix the drink with a sweet water - making a tonic water, to help ease the pain of the cold - being so high in the mountains. Quinine acts as a muscle relaxer as well. So interesting.
I started thinking about my wonderful friend down in Argentina, Liz, when I read that quinine is an ingredient in a soft drink down near Argentina, Paso de los Toros, and that maybe it's there to fight against malaria?? Who knows?

I love Google and Wikipedia, they make things so interesting.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Updates from the West...

I got this photo from Nicole at Kopplin's from when she was in Seattle for Coffee Fest. I miss Milstead! He and I would go out every once in a while and have a few beers, and this generally the face we would have.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Plannin' a Weddin' at Light Speed

So, here are the updates from last posted/from when I proposed:
  • We have a place reserved for the ceremony and reception.
  • We have food picked out for the event.
  • The wedding cake is planned and accounted for.
  • Angela's dress and all the bride's maid's dresses are bought, and fit well.
  • Flowers are ready to go.
  • Found a wedding photographer.
  • Had our engagement pictures taken.
  • We registered at three places.
  • Blocked out space at a hotel for guests.
  • Found a Honeymoon spot and got it booked.
  • Found a place to live and have the deposit on it.
  • Music is reserved for the wedding and ready to go.
There have been a lot of things falling into place so well, praise God, I don't know why more people don't plan a wedding two months out? The only things we're really working hard on now is the invitations (we're waiting on paper) and my kilt/s. I'm working on finding more of the paper today, and the kilts just have to be made. Well, if my bank would just allow international purchases this would be a lot easier. Then Libby and Abby are so graciously making the kilts for the grooms party. Yeah, so all in all, we've done a ton of work in about four weeks. In truth, I don't think this would have been such a reality if God wasn't so good, Angela wasn't such a good planner, and our parents weren't helping. Yeah, we did all this in four weeks, pretty wild.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

River Otters

Ange and I on a walk, stopping to "look at the river".

Happy News!

I have some great news for you all! Angela Goede and I are getting married!! We've been real busy with lots of new things to do for this event... because we've never done this sort of thing before. I've already told a few people but I thought it was funny that people I've already told actually started congratulating me once I had my status on Facebook changed. The happy date is December 12th of this year. We're aiming for a small intimate wedding which we're pretty sure will happen. We've registered at Crate and Barrel, Target and at R.E.I.

Thank you to everyone for your support, I'll try and be on here more to update.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Miss America Runs Again!!

She is back and running!! I finally got a thermostat for my electronic fan and an air filter and she is back and running. A little sluggish cause really, she hasn't been turned on in about two months... Ugh. Once that fan started you can imagine me doing a celebratory dance!! I also had a celebratory Fanta.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pat, on a Forklift

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now employed at Home Depot. I will be working in the lumber department. The specific one I'll be working at is the store in the Quarry. I know that some of you know where that is, it's in Minneapolis. Right now I'm sitting in front of a computer learning things from animations and little videos. It's kinda fun, but I haven't had this much screen time since I played WoW, so my eyes hurt a little. But you can bet your bag of gold that these tests are totally pwn'd!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thanks Milstead!!

With so many people in one house I turn to a "hand down" from a dear friend of mine, Andrew Milstead. This fridge has now traveled to three different homes, I think. Starting at NCU, then an apartment near the cathedral, then my parents house and now to the Steiger house. I currently have a gallon of whole milk and 36 eggs in there...

149 Years of Fair Fun!!

This year's fair is almost over, why am I thinking this? Because it drains the life out of me. I should say that it drains me when I work it, when I'm here to enjoy it and have fun it is so much fun. Overall it's attendance has been more than the past two years and I've seen some really shocking trends:
  1. People are looking larger... width wise.
  2. Women love to show off their ... um, chest. To the point where I'm embarrassed for them.
  3. Women are treating their men very poorly, demeaning and patronizing, I don't know what that's about but it's real weird. Maybe they think they're funny. And all these guys just taking it. I don't think it's right.
Working a booth that lets you people watch all the time is kinda eye opening, to say the least. So I see all this in front of me and I can hear the live broadcast of Channel 4, Obama in the background giving a speech, and testimonies of people excited to see a change, something they've been waiting for since a breakthrough was made in the 60's. So I see these people and the possible future of our country and I think, this world still isn't my home. I say this and remember my friend Liz singing a little song about the glory train and how we have so much to look forward to in heaven and that that is where our heart should live. I'm not saying that Obama and all he's doing is futile, but that we must seek first the Kingdom and God will never be false to what He's promised and to who He is.
The fair is fun, but it let's me know that people all over are in need of the one who invented fun, who is fun and who is the great get-togetherer. Ok, I've talked enough, check out these pics and tell me what you think.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Truck and Fair News

The back half of my truck is pretty much complete, I just need to fine tune the braking otherwise looky here! I have four wheels! And you can also see that I lost patience with my thermal mechanical fan... the one that's attached to the engine, I just sawed it off... Not the best choice, probably the worst choice, but I got it done.
Be sure to check out my mobile blog, in working for the fair I tend to upload things there more.
In working at the fair I hear so many things and see so many kinds of people, I'm surprised at the use of the word "asshole", so colorful isn't it?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In working for the Star Tribune I get to do some fun and interesting things. Last night I got to don a mascot outfit and throw the first pitch at a Saint Paul Saints game. It was a real sissy throw but Paul got some of the action. Later that night some of my co-workers decided they wanted to wear some outfits, and the wonderful people at the Saints let them use a bear and a freakish looking horse head gorilla thing. It was all fun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have become a Rogue Barista...

So, my time at Kopplin's coffee has come to a close. I've worked there two years and devoted my full time attention to it for about a year and a half, and now it is done. Why? Mainly financial, but there are other reasons. I'm saying goodbye to an amazing staff and customer base. I don't want to leave, but there is no way for me to grow there anymore.
Also, my barista, Andrew Milstead, is moving to Seattle to be closer to his sister and work at another coffee shop there. I will always be his "bar back". I learned a ton from Milstead and I'm sad to see a master move on from the cities here.
Where am I going next? That's a good question. I'm looking for something where I can have fun with customers and work with my hands. Of course working a coffee shop is perfect for that, but there are other things. I also need to look forward to the future, I mean who knows what life could offer? Move to New York? Move to South America? One never knows...

But, just in case you are in need of someone who is excellent at customer service, customer retention and handy things... here is my resume.

Minneapolis, MN 55407 ph 651-226-0992
To obtain a position where I can exercise my customer service and technical skills. I enjoy close customer relations, helping goals to be met and problems solved. I work well with a variety of people and am able to work in a fast pace environment. I enjoy people, and doing a job well done.

➢ Minnesota Humanities Commission, Family Literacy Initiatives: Storysharing Family Literacy Training: Spring 2005
➢ Minnesota Humanities Commission, Teacher Institute: Somalian Folktales: Fall 2004
➢ Normandale Community College: Summer / Fall, 2003
➢ North Central University: 1 year, 2001 – 2002
➢ YWAM DTS graduated 2000 – 2001
➢ Central High School graduate Spring 2000

Job History:
Paradise Roasters May 2007 to August 2007
Production Roaster
Roast coffee according to roast master’s specification and environment to make any and all roast types on a production 35 lb roaster, as well as rotate and manage green coffee supply.

Kopplins Coffee August 2006 to Present
Assist customers in all aspects of service including running the cash register, making coffee, hot drinks, and stocking shelves in a fast pace coffee shop environment.

Nina’s Café May 2006 to August 2006
Night Manager
Assist customers in all aspects of service including running the cash register, making espresso drinks, stocking shelves, managing money, people and food preparation in a fast pace coffee shop environment.

Mill City Electric Inc. May 2006 to February 2007
1st year Apprentice
Assist in all aspects of Electrical work from residential to industrial, remodeling and new build; under the supervision of not less than one Master Electrician and/or one Journeyman Electrician.

Comcast October 2004 to May 2006
Communications Technician 2.
Location St. Paul, MN 1.Perform requested and non-pay disconnects, adhering to Comcast procedures and safe work practices, NEC and NESC requirements, and local ordinances in order to provide requested services. 2.Pre-wire single unit dwellings in order to provide “ready hook-up” capabilities. 3.Clean, maintain and stock vehicle and equipment in order to be prepared to perform required duties. 4.Inspect existing ground or make new ground according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) in order to protect employees, customers, and equipment from electrical shock or damage. 5.Complete associated paperwork with each work order in a timely manner in order to ensure all details of the work are recorded for entry in the customer’s account once the work is checked in. 6.During the course of normal day-to-day activities: a. Properly operate and maintain installation tools and equipment. b. Report need for vehicle repair or service when required and/or prescribed. c. Report any accidents, losses, injuries or property damage to supervisor and customer when appropriate. 7.Apply knowledge and skills of training on the job in order to prepare for transition to higher CommTech levels. 8.Perform other duties as requested by supervisor in order to achieve departmental goals and objectives. 9. Punctual, regular and consistent attendance. 10. Ability to work overtime as needed.

Tracy 1 Stop / Holiday Stationstore December 2002 to October 2004
Cashier / Customer Service Rep.
Assist customers in all aspects of service including running the cash register, stocking shelves, food preparation, and bulk propane distribution in a fast pace convenience store environment. I also have experience with Product ordering and money management.

Great Harvest Bread Co. November – December 2002
Cashier / Customer Service Rep.
Front counter customer service of taking orders during holiday peak season.

New Life Builders August – November 2002
Seasonal Carpentry Work.

Village Lawn Service May – August 2002
Seasonal lawn work / laborer.

Pioneer College Catering School year 2001 - 2002
Part time cook & dishwasher during college school year.

Messiah Episcopal Summer 2001
Summer intern Youth Leader.

YMCA Camp du Nord Summer 1997-2000
Seasonal camp counselor, cook, and full time maintenance staff person.

Now Sports Summer 1996 – Fall 1997
Bike builder & mechanic.

Kowalski’s Market Summer 1995 – Summer 1996
Customer service & Bag boy.

Other Experience:
➢ Storyteller for a private audience (Minneapolis, contact Angela Goede, 651-274-6320)
➢ Storyteller at Jackson Preparatory School (St. Paul, contact Jen Thomas)
➢ Storyteller at Kopplin’s Coffee (St. Paul, contact Andrew Kopplin)
➢ Storyteller at Children’s Hospitals (St. Paul, contact Lori Olsen).
➢ Storyteller at Blondies Café (St. Paul, contact Alice).
➢ Storyteller at Eastern Heights Elementary (St. Paul, contact Peggy Thomas).
➢ Storyteller at Roosevelt Elementary (St. Paul, contact Miguel Luna).
➢ Storyteller at Prosperity Heights grade school, West St. Paul (contact June Berkowitz).
➢ Storyteller at Willow Pond Farm – Center for the Arts and Sciences (home school co-op, contact Jean Minger North Branch, MN 651-674-5891).
➢ Storyteller at St. Olaf College (contact Heather Limanen).
➢ YWAM DTS training (September 2000 – April 2001). Missionary and Cross Cultural training along with storytelling experience at the village of Minto, Alaska.
➢ Allina Hospice, Volunteer training for hospice, bereavement, and palliative care (1999 – 2000).
➢ Como Zoo, volunteering during high school years. Led educational programs for children.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missy (version 1.99.8)

I will start to update y'all about my life, beginning with the status of Miss America. These are the things I wanted to fix/change about her:
  1. Change the rear brakes - which sucks by the way!
  2. Take out the rear shocks
  3. Change the air intake
  4. Pull and charge the battery
  5. Pull and test the alternator
  6. Add an electric fan
  7. Change the serpentine belt
  8. Change the oil
So as she stands now, I have most of these things done. I'm still waiting for the air intake and the drums to be delivered, but the brake shoes are in; I need to do the wiring for the fan but it's otherwise installed; and the I need to change the oil. That'll be the last thing I think I'll do. It's been extremely interesting working on Missy, I know so much more now about the brakes and the engine! Here are some pictures of what I've been doing:

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm still here...

Hey everybody, I'm not dead, I'm just really busy. Here's a brief list of things that I'm doing, that I'll elaborate on later:
  • Dating Angela
  • Doing a Bible Study
  • Work
  • Traveling - to Wisconsin and Iowa
  • Taking public transit and biking everywhere
  • Fixing my truck, which includes:
    • Changing the rear brakes - which sucks by the way!
    • Taking out the rear shocks
    • Changing the air intake
    • pulling and charging the battery
    • pulling and testing the alternator
    • Adding an electric fan
    • Changing the serpentine belt

Saturday, June 21, 2008

F-Mazing Computer Screens

So I've been interested in touch screens recently, I found a guy from NYU that's doing an amazing thing with computer touch screens, it's really cool check it out!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

5 Guns

I had an awesome time this morning with Brian firing handguns!! We managed to fire five different guns in three different calibers. So I fired a 357 Magnum 6 inch barrel, 357 4 inch barrel, 22 revolver 10 shot - 6 inch barrel, a G19 and a G26. It was so awesome!! There were two other guys next to us that had the other four guns, the 357 Magnum is Brian's.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Route 74a via Light Rail

Life is becoming quite a change for me, and most of those that know me know that I don’t like change but know that it needs to happen. I’m writing this while riding on the bus. I know that the reason for me not taking the bus in the past has been that I need to plan ahead and account for that time but today it’s been so easy. And I’ve found that I feel better about the day because I don’t have to drive and deal with people on that level. I love driving, but I hate drivers. Maybe that’s something I need healing for? I don’t know – just now there was almost an accident.
I don’t think that going the straight and narrow in life means taking public transit, but I think that with me I have enough trouble with patience and pride that I think it’s a good exercise for me. Plus it’s nice to be driven. Maybe that’s why I like it – I’m being pampered… probably not. And I get to pray for people. Just Wednesday after taking the bus home I was able to pray for a man who had a heart attack - right there in the street.

I’m now at the light rail. The bus drove up to the station passing a group of 10 or 15 kids playing in the grass, two old men waiting for the train and two middle eastern women walking towards us. This is a great service, a patient way to travel.
It makes me think of why, really we have cars and the like in the cities here if we have a public transit system that’s so cool!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This makes me laugh so hard !

The Gathering is coming soon and sadly I am not able to make it, but tonight I was fortunate to sit and hear some of the amazing facts of the worlds greatest human, Chuck Norris. Thank you Lorraine.

When Chuck Norris bleeds, oaks trees sprout up from where the blood fell.

The Great Wall of China was modeled after Chuck Norris's pectoral muscles, this explains the large number of dead Asians buried within the wall.

Chuck Norris's tears can cure cancer, too bad he's never cried.

Chuck Norris can charge a cell phone just by rubbing it against his beard.

Every piece of furniture in Chuck Norris's home is a total gym.

Rainbow's are what happens when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks Richard Simmons.

Chuck Norris was one of the original members of the Wu Tang Clan but quit because they weren't street enough.

Chuck Norris ends every relationship with: It's not me, it's you.

Chuck Norris's gene's aren't a double helix, they're barbed wire.

If Chuck Norris looks at you and even thinks about Jesus, you're immediately converted to Christianity.

Chuck Norris wipes with 40 grit sand paper.

There's no chin behind Chuck Norris's beard, there's only another fist.

When ever Chuck Norris's wife asks him to do the dishes, he throws them in the garbage and tells her she looks fat.

Chuck Norris can speak braille.

Chuck Norris drives optimus prime to work.

When Chuck Norris breaks wind, it stays broken.

Chuck Norris beat IBM's Deep Blue computer at Chess in three moves, he only had a pawn, a thimble and a checker.

Chuck Norris was baptised with napalm.

Rosa Parks refused to get out of her seat because she was saving it for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris cleans the wax out of his ears with a shotgun.

Mr. T once beat Chuck Norris in a game of tic tac toe, in retaliation, Chuck Norris invented racism.

When Superman squeezes a lump of coal he makes a diamond. When Chuck Norris squeezes a lump of coal he makes an African child to work in his diamond mines.

Chuck Norris is the only one who can kick you in the back of the face.

Chuck Norris's heart beats once every week.

Chuck Norris just pissed your pants.

Chuck Norris is not a man, he's the culmination of hundreds of years of black oppression.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Captain Mudslinger!!

I'm so proud of my uncle. Check him out in KSTP's edition of "Get out of town" where they feature him as a potter.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Google Calendar is Awesome

Writing out a list and thinking on these things for a few weeks now (please refer back to my docs) I've come to a realization that I need to start to blocking out my time for these things, yet at the same time, keeping it free enough so that I don't cramp God's style. If He wants to do something in my life or through me... who am I to say um, yeah ... ok I gotta schedule to keep here so, that whole following your will thing, it's gonna have to wait... yeah... I look forward to this challenge, though I know it's going to be difficult. So here's my goal's so far:
  1. Work out at least twice a week.
  2. I will have a day ( 5 hours ) all to myself with no one else, once a week.
  3. God and I will have breakfast at least three times a week.
  4. Some of my energy each day will be devoted to one of my house mates (30 minutes).
  5. I will keep to the Bible study that Angela and I do and meet with her specifically about the Bible study weekly.
I feel like these things will change some aspects of how I live, I know that it will change my relationship with God, my house mates and it's going to change my relationship with Angela as well, but I look forward to these changes. I think that everyone who knows me knows that I hate change, I hhhaaaaaate it! Unless I'm in charge, and thats my fallen humanity coming to the surface (I'm sorry everybody).
I had a conversation today with my friend from the coffee shop, Dave, and we were talking about patience. He said that he had learned a lot from native Sioux, relatives of his wife, about patience and being a parent. This was before he had his first child, he has two now, and is still amazed about patience with his kids and wife. I had told him that I had experienced some of that knowledge from the Native Americans of Alaska, the Inupiaq Eskimos, and how their values were very present in my interactions with their elders.
In a similar vein, one of the most comforting verses to me is this:
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails, -" 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a
This is comforting to me because these are all things that God is and will ever be, He will never be false to these values - and the first that is written is that He is patient. His patience is our salvation, and I hope and pray for this in my life that I may glorify Him. This is why I write out a schedule, in hope, that I may train and beat my body into submission, that my body may obey my mind and my mind may obey the Living Christ. Please pray for this for me.

On a side note: I'm really falling for Angela pretty hard. Did I ever tell you that story about when a guy who was siding my parents house dropped a hammer on my head... from the second story of the house? The hook end hit and stuck into the front side of my head. I'm falling harder for Angela now than I did from that hammer.

A New Alice in the World

I am pleased to post the birth of the first Carlson to come from Erin and Dane Carlson. Her name is Alice, here is the email I received today:

Hello everyone! As most of you know but not all of you, Dane and I are now proud parents! Baby Alice arrived on Sunday June 1st. She was 6 lbs, 9.5 oz but has since dropped her weight to about 6 lbs. She's a tiny little peanut!
She arrived 2 weeks early from her due date and 1 week early from her scheduled c-section date. It was an adventure to say the least. My spinal block ended up not fully working so half way through the surgery I was put completely under. Dane was there the whole time and got to witness her arrival.
Baby & I are both doing well. We came home yesterday and are now adjusting to life as parents. I am still recovering from my surgery but am surprised at how fast my body is recovering.
For those of you who visited us in the hospital and took pictures, can you email me copies of the pictures? Thanks!
I have attached a few pictures for you all to see how gorgeous she is. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, love, support and help during this amazing life transition. We love you all. Take care!!
Erin, Dane and Baby Alice

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks Matt for the Jokes

Yo, them is jokes ...

Not not
who's there
A double negative

- Ha ha !!

What did the 0 say to the 8?
Nice belt

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Run People Run!

As planned, the Go! Race was a go and Angela and I ran the 5k. And yes, I am totally pimping a 420 race number... all about that weed? Anyway, it was fun, there was a drum/dance line and some fun stuff for kids. I learned that this is the only 5k in the country that runs through an impoverished area. Urban Homeworks is a pretty wonderful organization, and this race gave me an idea of what kind of work is being done in the north side of Minneapolis. As we ran I saw lots of community projects happening, children's centers and Habitat for Humanity's "Home Depot" of sorts, it's called ReStore. It was a fantastic run, and when we had finished I realized that all through my training I had never ran more than a mile and a half, now I just finished a little more than three. Huh. That's weird.
"Hey Ange, what do you want to do now?"
"Take a shower, you?"
"Go to Kopplin's ... and, maybe go to the cabin."
"Sounds good."

It was an awesome Saturday.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I stumbled upon a crazy website the other day and laughed so hard when I saw this post on the #1 thing that white people like is coffee. I know that this is not true, but reading the rest of their posts just showed how we can stereotype people, it was a funny post though.

There is no doubt that white people love coffee. Yes, it’s true that asians like iced coffee and people of all races enjoy it. But I promise you that the first person at your school to drink coffee was a white person. You could kind of tell they didn’t enjoy it, but they did it anyways until they liked it - like cigarettes.

White people all need Starbucks, Second Cup or Coffee Bean. They are also fond of saying “you do NOT want to see me before I get my morning coffee.” White guys will also call it anything but coffee: “rocket fuel,” “java,” “joe,” “black gold,” and so forth. It’s pretty garbage all around.

If you want to go for extra points - white people really love FAIR TRADE coffee, because paying the extra $2 means they are making a difference.

Yeah, but I like coffee...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday Night Lights

The beginning of the weekend starts with two of my favorite little friends, Speak (with a ridiculous me a couple years ago) and Mazie. Speak is a Pekingese/Poodle mix and Mazie is a Rat Terrier/Corgi mix, so they're both small and ferociously cute. Except when they unexpectedly bark when I'm focusing on, hmm let's see, blogging?
"F*** !!! Sshhhh, quiet!"
They look at me as if to say, "What? Dude, don't tell me you didn't hear that... We totally heard that."
I love looking after these two, teaching them strange things, drinking beer and getting high, ah, oh man, the three of us just party like you can't believe. Speak was just reminding me about the ear wig of doom and how he feels like gangs now a days are nothing like they used to be. Sometimes I don't even know why I'm here, they're showing me around town. Mazie said that ladies night at the Cherokee are awesome, I think we're going tomorrow. Peace out ya'll, yo - who let the dogs out? I did!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beans for Breakfast Once Again...

I am so scared sometimes, and then I realize that I'm hungry. I'm so angry sometimes, and then I realize that I'm hungry. I'm realizing that a lot of things in my life revolve around food, and if I've had enough. Everyone, I want you to meet my tape worm. Ok, so I don't have a tape worm as far as I know but I do know that I can eat and I'm always hungry. Really I shouldn't be surprised since I work out a lot and I have a job that makes me run around and I drive to work in a real piece of crap... Just kidding, I'd never call Missy that.
I was talking to Noah today and he was saying that he ate his own re fried beans today. "What does that mean?" I says.
"Well, it means I ate my own re fried beans, ones I made from scratch."
"What do you have to do to make them from scratch?"
Now, let me tell you I was surprised to find out how exactly to make re fried beans, it takes at least a day and a half. Involving soaking for a day, boiling, simmering, mashing and frying.
"It's really satisfying."
I imagine it is, my first time making bread was a simple Milk Bread which turned out wonderfully. It took a lot of time, I thought, but by the end I was encouraged and satisfied that the work I had done was good. I read Paul and Libby's blog once in a while and I see sometimes that they have recipes on there from time to time. I walk downstairs to see my friends and house mates on the first floor and they're almost always cooking or baking or milling wheat or something. I have lunch with Angela and she makes a phenomenal sandwich from scratch from I don't know what but tastes soooo good!
"I think we're, as westerner's, used to or expect food to be fast. And that's just not the way it is my friend. Good food takes time and the rest of the world knows this."
Sometimes I wander over to a blog that makes me laugh, or cringe most of the time, called Waiter Rant, and there's usually a story about this waiter's day to day in a restaurant. For the most part I think of the service industry when I read it, but sometimes I think of the customers and the kind of service they expect - the speed and perfection expected. Yet, they're still customers and not making the food themselves and that makes us quite delusional.
... I just wanted to write delusional... anyway, the point of all this is I think that I'm going to start making a greater effort toward the quality, and quantity, of my food intake.
I don't know, what do you think?
Maybe I'll start with this.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Announce of a Move

It's been a crazy week... again. Earlier this week Patty had to go to the hospital because of a seizure and later found out that she has Graves Disease. That was kind've a surprise and a massive shock for her to remember walking down the street and then waking up in the ER with bruises and iv's. So all of us here at Kopplin's coffee have been trying to support Patty and help her with whatever she needs, her mom's in town so thats good too.
Today she told us that she is planning on moving back to Milwaukee as soon as possible. Which is sad. It's going to be a better setup for her in that she's from there and her parents live there, but we'll all miss her. So if you're in Milwaukee and you see an Alterra coffee house, she might just be there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Belated Sponsor Promo

Oh dude! I just remembered that Milstead and I had an "official" sponsor...

just kidding

94 East my Friends!!

I spent a couple days away from the normal world of coffee and community and went to the cabin. Some writing was done (keep in mind that the document I posted earlier updates as I update it, so check it often if you like), some fire building, some worship and early mornings ... This morning I was woken up by a large Tom, kinda cool, but kinda annoying. Last night I saw three deer sleeping in the meadow, that was cool. After the Tom moved on by and I began to wake up a little I cleaned the house and began to pack for the drive home. Oh, but low and behold, I see some cows near the road that start to call out my name. Yes, my name is actually pronounced: Moooaaaahhh. I went for a little walk to see them, they were shy and had three new calf's with them. The largest of the cows walked hesitantly up to my hand, outstretched over the electric fence, and licked me with her big black tongue. She took a step back in surprise and stomped. At the stomp the rest of the cows, who were curious, did a little shutter and stood still. She then shook her big head as if to say: noooo. About that moment two cars pulled up asking if I was getting the calf's back in the fence. "Just saying hi" I said. The farmer was relieved and told me that he's been checking on the new ones just in case one of them got out. And Scene...
(Cheesy musical score fades in as Patrick walks from the cows, waving happily at the farmer, who is equally waving happily back ... birds chirping ... happy sun ... aaahhhhhhh ...)

I drove north to Phillips, where I had breakfast at the freight house restaurant and had awful coffee but great hash browns, eggs, homemade cinnamon raisin bread and steak. I also heard some great one liners and some really interesting conversation, like so:

"I would imagine people throw a lot of things at you bill." (In response to a story about a bar fight that cost him a tooth)
"Sue super glued my dick to my leg once. What? It's true, yeah they had to cut it loose." (...pranks a spouse can play on each other)
"Ya-know what the best part of you is? Seeing you walk out that front door." (Old man to a young woman...)


I started thinking that if I wanted to I could start roasting here and I'd make a killing, I mean how many of these hoo-ha's have had good coffee? Probably not many if they're used to this brown cigarette water. I was so desperate for a signal that I reverted back to my ghetto comcast days when I would drive slowly through neighborhoods scanning the open wifi networks. I drove past the Library first to see if I could score some good library signal, but no. What's next? The somewhat good homes I saw as I drove past, those were all locked (though I know some codes, those didn't work). Ok, down main street, and YES!! I find one! Thanks Davette! I would think that a CPA's office would have a little more secure network but whatever.

The drive back home was uneventful, but like always, I end up at Kopplin's. So here I am writing this blog from a table at Kopplin's coffee. Where would the world be without it's coffee shops, and Milstead ... and reading ... ma ter iaal ...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank Goodness it's done!

Wow, the SCAA came and went, the championship happened and all that attended I'm sure had too much to drink, I know I did. I have a couple of pics for you to see but the best bloggers out there can do a better job of summing up the weekend than I can (Liz, the official blog, video feeds, the Ghost, and Meister - who has some sweet tats I wish I could show you!). I will reflect a little about what I learned through all this.

The weekend was crazy in that there was so much happening in the coffee world and in my own as well. I feel like a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. Sunday was my one month with Angela and we had a great time spending it in Afton with Captain Mudslinger. Because I was going crazy with the partying, forgetting house things, spending time with Angela and God, learning about things technical and making friends with Synesso; I started something that I tend to do about every two to three years - I reevaluate what matters most to me and how my actions in life right now are showing that or not and what I'm doing to remedy and/or continue those things. It's not a real easy process but I think I make it pretty simple. I first outline the things in my life that matter to me, and then the things that take my time currently. How do they match? Then I just journal and pray about each bullet that I wrote down, and I end up making a massive list of stuff.
Here is the list right now, it's pretty personal but I wanted to share it so that maybe you can be encouraged in whatever you're doing.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

SCAA Day 1 eve

The beginning of the SCAA has started and I have continued to "help" Milstead, and survive the visitors that come to the shop. I have a strange sense of nervousness, not because they'll judge me (surprisingly) but because they're doing the same things I'm doing, writing about it, making it their life, and some (not all) are better than me. I'm not the best and I don't claim to be, but I know that Kopplin's is the best at what we do in the cities here.

and I am the hottest.

right next to Angela, and milstead.

but I'm not gay. Anyway, the whole hubbub with coffee superstars and oral fixation and whatnot, is so weird to me, but in a way it's so cool. It seriously feels like the circus is in town, and not really the good kind, but you can't help but go and watch the human lizard, or the bearded woman. Dude, I want to get more involved in this whole thing, but there's lots of cliches, and there're lots of egos, and there's lots of knowledge that no one's going to teach you. I guess this is where I go it alone, or with milstead ... milstead and Angela, and we ride, on one horse, cause I can't afford much. The superstars that we read about in barista mag, coffeed, jimseven and whatnot are ones that have their own shops or are traveling the world making a difference in people's lives - I guess I'm thinking of farmers, and rogue baristas looking for a master, or are willing to be the master themselves (aka - Billy Wilson, Andrew Kopplin, etc).

I was talking with a rogue the other day, though I know that she is more like a dealer of sorts, and the whole of the coffee industry is wanting to be something more; yet money, life and business get in the way, or just happens - either way you look at it. In the end we're all relying on thousands of farmers around the world to do a good job and help us look good. How can we give it back? How can we support the hand that feeds us? Beyond the showmanship and the bling, how can the world benefit from what we do? Making coffee, it's something, not everything, but it's a big business and thousands of people around the world make, drink and are brought together with this beverage.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

After hours at Kopplin's

In less than a week the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) will roll into town with all the hubbub of the United States Barista Championship (USBC). Uh, it's going to be a wild ride. A lot of these people are completely insane about coffee and espresso competitions so they're going to be intense, they also party pretty hard. Tonight I was helping Milstead with his comp stuff. Actually I'm just sitting and blogging, drinking bourbon, and giving him crap. This crassness helps I think.

"I can now make four espressos and four comp capps in five and a half minutes." He says with a wry grin.
"Huh... thats what she said... " I drink more bourbon.
I am intrigued by all the work he's putting into it, I like the idea of making a signature drink and the kind of class it puts on the work that we do.
"Shut up you stupid hole refrigerator!"
And then I hear that and watch him hump a steaming pitcher ... and know that the USBC is just a show, even though we both like coffee and what we're doing as barista's a lot, it's still just a show. And the SCAA coming here is all about money and if they say it's not, it's about bling. What I like about what Milstead's doing is he's bucking some of the norm - for these competitions - and talking about a single farm and using that coffee, another single farm and using their milk, and how what he's really doing is showcasing their hard work and making it more about them than himself. From what I've heard, a lot of the competitors do talk about their coffee's and where they came from, but not to the extent of who actually worked on it; the force of labor behind Milstead's competing is far stronger because names are given and someone can put a face to a name.

"It's one thing to read about a car accident, it's another to watch someone have an accident right in front of your face."

He's refering to the kind of coffee he's using - La Montana, from El Salvador. Raul's done an amazing job with his farm, holding these titles:
Cup of Excellence 2007: 1st Place (Pacamara)
Cup of Excellence 2006: 3rd Place (Pacamara, with Jose Montiel)
Cup of Excellence 2005: 5th Place (Pacamara)
Cup of Excellence 2004: 31st Place (Bourbon)

But while harvesting the 2008 crop a devistating storm came through and detroyed his farm, stripping trees of their leaves and berries, so he was only able to harvest a couple bags (about 300 or so pounds) before it was destroyed. Milstead is using this coffee partly because of the storm awarness, and partly because it's an amazing coffee, that coffee would be 60 dollars a pound. This is the cool part about the coffee world, helping out farmers from third world countries. All the sales that Kopplin's and the importer received have been sent to the farmer to tide him over untill 2010. I wish that were all of the competitor's goal, that the livlihood of third world peoples are increased by our efforts.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Mudslinger

This morning I helped my uncle Kevin install some pottery for the Art Crawl in the Park Square Court building. I love my uncle Kevin. He's so great. I really like these old buildings too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kitty Cat Clubbin' ... baby seals ...

I went to a show last night, after church and working out, to see my friend Chris play in his new band, Priss. He did an awesome job, and I feel like I should be writing this post in where the cat wanders but it was such a great experience (and I don't have a quality photo) that I feel this is the right place for it.

Set #1: Priss

"The next song is called: the skinny part of Idaho ... and in the notes it says, my girlfriend wants more bass."
A quartet lit only by colored lights swoons the dim and moving disco ball's tease as someone from the audience yells: "bring it up fat!" followed by a lone laugher. I feel as if we're on a great cruise, manifest: talent, will and strength. Cruising smoothly with determination across some vast lava bed. My ears are on fire, my face is starting to melt as they play. When jazz is played - when I experience it live, I feel love. Not in a Barry White way but a flower blooming way, so tender and free to be itself.
The bar itself is so great. It sits above railroad tracks. The pool table is messy. Chalk litters the tables. Candles, icons, mirrors and couches that eat you. There's no pure light anywhere but the candles. Ceiling fans are on high. This is what trouble looks like when the cat is let outta the bag! And the cat happens to be hip and jazzy.

Set #2: Priss is morphed into: Black light poster

I met with Chris and Haley a little before he had to go back on stage and play some more. The first set had music prepared, but this second set was more free, playing solid for an hour. I love to see an artist at work, and four of them at that. It is all such a freeing experience, and then I text my brother: dude, jazz is the shit.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What doesn't Big have?

The other day I went to my storage unit to find something buried deep there, and low and behold who do I find? BIG!! Big was there! Big and Ace are customers of Kopplin's and he was there cleaning out his storage unit.
"Hey Pat, know any body that wants a scooter?"
"Dude, I'll take it. How much?
"Oh, you can have it for free."
"Ah man, sweet. What are you getting rid of it for?"
"I need more space."
I looked into the unit only to see about seven more scooters, crated and stacked on top of each other. And next to those about twelve single cylinder engines, a motorcycle BMW engine and a Harley engine, all crated and stacked on top of one another. We loaded the scooter into my truck and he helped me strap it down.
"Dude, any more crap you want to get rid of?"
"Ah, here. I give you these engines."
"Ah man!"
He then loads me up with these two engines! I was so happy, so so happy. What am I going to do with the scooter that doesn't work? Rebuild it. What am I going to do with the two engines? ANYTHING!! There is no limit to the uses of these two engines, so far I have the idea of building a wooden motorcycle. Pretty cool huh?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Everyone, meet Angela.

There is a new addition to the outdoor cat's life, not counting the whole of the Steiger house - which is still pretty new, and the rest of the church - which is still important, but this new person is very special. Her name is Angela, and she is my little outdoor kitten. She is very sweet and pretty and I hope you meet her soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lucy 09/98 - 04/09/2008

Lucy was put to sleep today, after a startlingly quick illness.  I will miss that dog.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Cat turns 26

Today, is my birthday. And I am now 26 years old. Yay...
I was supposed to go to breakfast with my family, I slept in. Everywhere I turn someone was saying "happy birthday" to me. Yeah yeah ok thanks, I'd say. I did get a visit from Angela, Spencer and Brendan, that was great. I did like that. They made pictures for me, each of them. I couldn't quite tell what Brendan and Spencer drew, and then he explained that it was Simba and a whole lot of ... stuff going on (he was really animated, as he always is). Brendan gave me a cracker. That was nice.
Ok, that was nice, I liked that, they were nice, no more excitement for the day - I thought. About an hour later I see my parents walk through the door. "Ah, shit." I say under my breath. They came complete with a Sponge Bob Square Pants Balloon, a raspberry cheesecake, forks and napkins. "Alright everyone!" My Dad said, to the full house of people. "C'mon dad..." I said silently. And then he started, singing: happy birthday.
When it was over I got regulars saying - oh, I didn't know it was your birthday! Yeah, ok. Thanks. I was then expected to share the cake. So I did, and everyone thought it was cute my parents came and that I was passing out cake. "Your parents really love you Pat." Sari said to me as I handed her cake. I know, I thought, but why come to Kopplin's? The few hours moved on and I finished work.

I walked next door and began to talk a little with Sammy, my favorite bar tender. He took my food order and placed a beautiful vessel of goodness in front of me! What little sun light came through the window danced in it's amber glow, it's flowing foamy head still moved from side to side as if it were wooing me to itself, winking and smiling. I felt dirty. Should I be dangerous, should I live life high on it's fast wild horse?! Yes, I will!

Beer number one.

These weren't the only thoughts in my head. Why do I not like my birthday? I've liked it in the past, why this year? I don't mind being older, maybe it's that I don't like the attention?

Beer number two.

I wandered back over to Kopplin's were I sat and talked with Damon for a while. We talked about birthdays, work, money, our dating histories, why I was sad, why she was sad and how it all could be remedied. We came to the loose conclusion that relationships won't make us happy (though I could argue for our relationship with Christ as a happy-making relationship ... but I didn't) and neither will work, but that it's still good there are people around both of us that love us deeply.

I drove home, thinking about that conversation and asking God what can I do with all this, and with what I have. I was met warmly by Angela, Noah and Wendy, and when I say warmly I mean that my heart melted (so much so it slid right outta my ass!) and I couldn't help but feel loved, and any response of mine that wasn't in love would be a lie. I felt like I was in blankets, warm blankets, and my nose was cold but it didn't matter cause my toes were warm and fuzzy soft stuff was all around. Paul, Libby, Gibbie and Ezra soon came to dinner and we had a wonderful time. I can't remember who made what, but there were beer bratwursts, sauerkraut, potato salad and home made buns. For dessert there was raspberry cheesecake (AGAIN!!) with whole raspberries and chunks of mango on top. Stories were told, children played and we all had a great time.
What a day to start out bitter and grumpy but only to finish with the wonderful company of those you love. Praise God for life in Christ, praise Him for love laid bare and praise Him for being the example!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Everyone knows about my FINGER!!

It was a great week until friday... and saturday, but it's better today. There's a new espresso machine that I'm not familiar with, I cut my finger on a half gallon glass bottle of milk that I dropped on the tile at work, at a busy time of day (I bled every where!), with electricians around - that I know and used to work with, getting milk on their wire and boots. The next day I still struggle with a foreign steam wand, forget to take my meds, break a glass and have a ridiculous amount of customers that want flavor shots in their espresso. To top it off, I have zero patience to talk to my house mate that just asks me to do some dishes and I blow up and knock her head off.
Sometimes, life is hard, and I don't deal with it well. And then I remember the words of my dear friend Paul the monk: "well pat, at least you're not hanging on a cross..."
Thanks Paul, way to bring it back. Wow, God is amazing and He can do great things even when I screw it all up. Cause He said: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." (2 Cor 12:9)
Uh, humility...

Today I brought a special someone to work with me, not to solve my problems but help me a little, and make me laugh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Dude, so I've been wasting an amazing amount of time to a new add-on to firefox, it's called Stumble! I learned about it from Kristy and Fransisco when I was visiting them last fall and I found it again online just the other day. It's a great way to waste time. So give it a try, I've actually found some really interesting things though - like the tattoo that I posted about a little while ago - found by stumbling.
It's been a really good week! Just thought I'd write that.

A new thing - I shaved my beard. I am no longer a fuzzy face but a clean face, so I look kinda like this. I hope you all are not afraid of me, though I have already had a compliment from Chris ... he said I was sexy ... thanks Chris. I guess I don't get many compliments from a gay man ... but there you go ...

I'm going to go for a run! Angela and I are going to run this 5K at the end of May. It should be pretty fun, though I haven't ran a race in a long time, hmm 6th grade? Anyway, it's co-sponsored by Urban Homeworks.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Voldemort thinks he can brew coffee

I am sad to post a news story that hits the specialty coffee industry right in the balls. Starbucks just bought Clover. What does that mean? It means that the most high tech way of brewing coffee, the most specialized brew method known to a commercial setting, has just been ransomed by the largest coffee thing out there. It's rumored that the Clover's will be exclusive to Starbucks, except for the shops that bought one before the acquisition. Thanks starbucks, you're still going to be a joke, now you'll just be a joke hogging all the clovers. I'm a little frustrated.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who's Yo Daddy?

I've known for a while that there are large corporations that own smaller things, that have different names to make you think you're supporting only them. My dad showed me a site the other day that I thought was kinda crazy, and so I bring it to you. You may already know this but it struck me as a surprise.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What wears a fur coat, but is always naked?

My buddy Paul bikes all winter long, most of us wait until the weather is pleasant to bike in. i am one of them. I used to bike in the winter, and then I got a drivers license and now I'm not so hard core, not like Paul. Anyway, I'm going to be biking again soon, and so will tons of my friends and people around town - either to get to work or leisure or whatnot but all the same, let's watch out for peeps on bikes. The weather has been getting awesome recently. I found this awareness add thing online for the people of London, but it's funny and cool. Check it!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Wonderful Gift

I was visited yesterday by one of the two sisters who had traveled into the wood, got lost and were saved by the Raspberry King. As merciful as she was in sparing that tiny tiny worm from the birds of the air (and Otto!!), she was also very merciful in gifting me with this wonderful cake, with a beautiful raspberry topping. My thanks to you two, and the Raspberry King.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Frog

I wrote the previous entry a couple days ago and waited for permission from Fern to publish it, but during that waiting time I realized that I have been growing in Christ in just the way she was describing. And let me tell you, that it's very hard. Follow me for a moment... (you can hear the inspiration more from Mark) Genesis 19. That's a chapter that most all people, I can think of, have heard of - The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. It's a crazy thing, God just went and smote them, but justly so. God is good and just. And during the reading of Chapter 19 I began to realize that I have been a lot like Lot. In chapter 13 it's written:
"Lot looked up and saw that the whole plain of the Jordan was well watered, like the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt, ... Abram lived in the land of Canaan, while Lot lived among the cities of the plain and pitched his tents near Sodom."
Notice that Lot didn't live in Sodom, but lived near there, and then in chapter 19 he greets some visitors and has them stay with him in the city. As you read on you see that he's not as righteous as his name might suggest. I feel like I am similar to that, I pick a direction, move there and slowly, slowly move into Sodom. How the hell does that happen?!
There's the example of the frog in the pot, chilling in the pot's water, and then someone turns the burner on and the frog doesn't know what's going on, boils and dies. Compare this to the frog that's dropped in the boiling water - whoa, it's hot he says and jumps out.
Where have I gone wrong, and I know I have and I feel the effect of the sin; where have we/you gone wrong?

I still have nightmares and flashes of the things I have done, but I believe that God is good, I am not. I am similar to Lot and had to be dragged out of Sodom to be saved. Man... healing is hard, and most the time I don't forgive myself, even now. But I know that God really is better than my best thoughts of Him, and He has forgiven me.


Please pray for me, and pray for my past. I pray that those I hurt may heal, and I pray that I can heal. And all of us can live in wholeness in Christ.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blah blah vomit

I was told about a conversation that was overheard while drinking coffee that went something like this:
"If you could pick one girl that was the best 'marriage material', who would you pick?" a girl says to a boy.
"Uh, I don't know. None of them really, you?" He replies with a look of confusion and frustration that the question was even asked.
"Well, I can think of four ... least of which would be -blah- because sometimes she can talk about her cat for so long, well I guess if you can just tune her out well enough, blah blah judge, me me blah, shallow blah blah her her her. "

Uh, gross. I wonder what she really thinks. I stumbled upon an article that I'd read a while ago about being single and whole in God:

Complete as One
by Fern Horst

I had someone tell me, just the other day, that one is not complete without a spouse. It made me wonder: How do I, and other single adults, gain a sense of confidence and self-worth in a society that believes such a statement to be true?

Many people believe they cannot truly live until they find their significant other. They are unable to believe in themselves until they find partners who believe in them. Some people do not feel they have worth until they find someone to give them a sense of worth. And there are many who gain confidence from a dating or marriage relationship. But is this the only way, or, more importantly, the best way, to find oneself?

This type of belief systems indicates a dependency on something or someone other than God. Any time we look to anyone or anything other than God to give us meaning, to meet our needs, we are creating an idol. We are allowing something or someone to take God's place in our lives. This is serious business to God. Idolization is adultery to Him; it hurts Him as much as we hurt when friends betray their loyalty to us. He wants to have that place in our lives. He will give us more meaning and worth and acceptance than any "significant other" ever could.

Both Christ and the Apostle Paul taught in the Bible that remaining dependent on God is easier when one is single. When one is married, it is easy to put one's spouse in God's place, to expect him or her to meet the needs that only God can fill. Marriage does not legitimize idolization. God still wants His rightful place in our hearts regardless of our marital status.

Should we avoid marriage then? Of course not! God calls some to serve Him in a marriage relationship. He chooses to meet some people's needs through marriage. But not all. For some He chooses to meet needs through a variety of people. God wants some of us to be single so that we can serve Him in ways those who are married cannot.

But we can be sure that God will meet everyone's needs, married or single. We can also be sure that God wants all of us to commit our lives to Him, married or single. Singleness is not an excuse to live our lives for ourselves, or to sit around waiting for life to happen. It is happening, and we are each responsible to take what opportunities God has given us and use them to their fullest advantage.

Yes, I'm complete. You're complete. And it has nothing to do with whether or not we're married. It has everything to do with the fact that Christ lives in us and with Him we are not only complete, we have everything we need to live the life of a fulfilled, successful

Copyright Fern Horst. Published at Purposeful Singleness ( and reprinted by permission.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Captain's log... to boldly go ...

Tomorrow Tiffy moves to New Zealand for three months. I don't know her that well, but I do think that I will miss her. She is a wonderful poet and daughter of God. She will be doing a leadership training school in New Zealand put on by Stieger ministries, so pray for her over these next few months that she may be molded and wooed by our most Holy LORD. To find out more, I think that she'll have a blog going on in her myspace.

mac, cheese, pigs in a blanket

Here's Jackie:

I live with Jackie and she got me some filtered water and butter today. She works at a salon and has many interesting tattoo's. In this picture I asked if I could take her picture, she held back a smile and tolerated me.

I'm really new here in the Steiger community, but today was the first day that Lorraine and I made community meal. I made the suggestion that we make mac and cheese with Pigs in a blanket. We did and it was great. There weren't as many people as I was hoping for since we made nine pounds of macaroni with four pounds of cheese! I was pretty excited though that I got to use one and a half pounds of butter in the sauce. Here is a picture from last weeks community meal. On a side note, has anyone ever played: magnificent corpse? I played that last night with some new friends and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, thanks Angela! It felt so good to laugh again.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Call Me!!

This is a very interesting thing that Google has done, not really new but it's Google. I love google!
It's called GrandCentral.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ian returns soon!!

At Kopplin's Coffee, we have a special place in our hearts for the person that drinks the "straight shot", someone who loves espresso and doesn't defile it by adding sugar and/or sometimes milk ( although macchiato's and cappuccino's are fine). There is a certain someone, that all the barista's at Kopplin's know, who only drinks espresso straight and he's been gone for the past six weeks. It's been weird not having him around, but just yesterday Andrew got a poem from him via email and this is how it reads:

I am returning soon
my darling, my island
my refuge in this busy world-
my little cafe,
(mon petit cafe,
tu es comme pour les anges un coin,
l'on qui donne les belles boissons)
from this wasted,
cold and snowy, rural land,
which at least fools me,
that at times I have thought
my rough coffee appropriate.
Soon I shall resume my walks
to read in your couched store front,
at the table with the little lamp,
or tucked away, back in the rear,
soon to sit and enjoy,
again my time in demitasse.
I shall not stay absent too much longer,
from where the baristas seek tongues
to pull flavors from cups,
as they themselves
pull flavors from beans,
from where my tongue becomes sponge,
and I needn't swallow a drop
(gross habit of frogs,
eaters of flies, drinkers of muck,
unaccustomed to allowing
the lingering of taste).
I am returning soon
my dear, my heart
(mon cher, mon coeur),
my long lost after but a short while,
my little cafe.


Found Pic from Christmas

This is a fun picture from Kopplin's Coffee's Christmas party back in december, we went to TanPopo.