Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thanks Milstead!!

With so many people in one house I turn to a "hand down" from a dear friend of mine, Andrew Milstead. This fridge has now traveled to three different homes, I think. Starting at NCU, then an apartment near the cathedral, then my parents house and now to the Steiger house. I currently have a gallon of whole milk and 36 eggs in there...

149 Years of Fair Fun!!

This year's fair is almost over, why am I thinking this? Because it drains the life out of me. I should say that it drains me when I work it, when I'm here to enjoy it and have fun it is so much fun. Overall it's attendance has been more than the past two years and I've seen some really shocking trends:
  1. People are looking larger... width wise.
  2. Women love to show off their ... um, chest. To the point where I'm embarrassed for them.
  3. Women are treating their men very poorly, demeaning and patronizing, I don't know what that's about but it's real weird. Maybe they think they're funny. And all these guys just taking it. I don't think it's right.
Working a booth that lets you people watch all the time is kinda eye opening, to say the least. So I see all this in front of me and I can hear the live broadcast of Channel 4, Obama in the background giving a speech, and testimonies of people excited to see a change, something they've been waiting for since a breakthrough was made in the 60's. So I see these people and the possible future of our country and I think, this world still isn't my home. I say this and remember my friend Liz singing a little song about the glory train and how we have so much to look forward to in heaven and that that is where our heart should live. I'm not saying that Obama and all he's doing is futile, but that we must seek first the Kingdom and God will never be false to what He's promised and to who He is.
The fair is fun, but it let's me know that people all over are in need of the one who invented fun, who is fun and who is the great get-togetherer. Ok, I've talked enough, check out these pics and tell me what you think.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Truck and Fair News

The back half of my truck is pretty much complete, I just need to fine tune the braking otherwise looky here! I have four wheels! And you can also see that I lost patience with my thermal mechanical fan... the one that's attached to the engine, I just sawed it off... Not the best choice, probably the worst choice, but I got it done.
Be sure to check out my mobile blog, in working for the fair I tend to upload things there more.
In working at the fair I hear so many things and see so many kinds of people, I'm surprised at the use of the word "asshole", so colorful isn't it?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In working for the Star Tribune I get to do some fun and interesting things. Last night I got to don a mascot outfit and throw the first pitch at a Saint Paul Saints game. It was a real sissy throw but Paul got some of the action. Later that night some of my co-workers decided they wanted to wear some outfits, and the wonderful people at the Saints let them use a bear and a freakish looking horse head gorilla thing. It was all fun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have become a Rogue Barista...

So, my time at Kopplin's coffee has come to a close. I've worked there two years and devoted my full time attention to it for about a year and a half, and now it is done. Why? Mainly financial, but there are other reasons. I'm saying goodbye to an amazing staff and customer base. I don't want to leave, but there is no way for me to grow there anymore.
Also, my barista, Andrew Milstead, is moving to Seattle to be closer to his sister and work at another coffee shop there. I will always be his "bar back". I learned a ton from Milstead and I'm sad to see a master move on from the cities here.
Where am I going next? That's a good question. I'm looking for something where I can have fun with customers and work with my hands. Of course working a coffee shop is perfect for that, but there are other things. I also need to look forward to the future, I mean who knows what life could offer? Move to New York? Move to South America? One never knows...

But, just in case you are in need of someone who is excellent at customer service, customer retention and handy things... here is my resume.

Minneapolis, MN 55407 ph 651-226-0992
To obtain a position where I can exercise my customer service and technical skills. I enjoy close customer relations, helping goals to be met and problems solved. I work well with a variety of people and am able to work in a fast pace environment. I enjoy people, and doing a job well done.

➢ Minnesota Humanities Commission, Family Literacy Initiatives: Storysharing Family Literacy Training: Spring 2005
➢ Minnesota Humanities Commission, Teacher Institute: Somalian Folktales: Fall 2004
➢ Normandale Community College: Summer / Fall, 2003
➢ North Central University: 1 year, 2001 – 2002
➢ YWAM DTS graduated 2000 – 2001
➢ Central High School graduate Spring 2000

Job History:
Paradise Roasters May 2007 to August 2007
Production Roaster
Roast coffee according to roast master’s specification and environment to make any and all roast types on a production 35 lb roaster, as well as rotate and manage green coffee supply.

Kopplins Coffee August 2006 to Present
Assist customers in all aspects of service including running the cash register, making coffee, hot drinks, and stocking shelves in a fast pace coffee shop environment.

Nina’s Café May 2006 to August 2006
Night Manager
Assist customers in all aspects of service including running the cash register, making espresso drinks, stocking shelves, managing money, people and food preparation in a fast pace coffee shop environment.

Mill City Electric Inc. May 2006 to February 2007
1st year Apprentice
Assist in all aspects of Electrical work from residential to industrial, remodeling and new build; under the supervision of not less than one Master Electrician and/or one Journeyman Electrician.

Comcast October 2004 to May 2006
Communications Technician 2.
Location St. Paul, MN 1.Perform requested and non-pay disconnects, adhering to Comcast procedures and safe work practices, NEC and NESC requirements, and local ordinances in order to provide requested services. 2.Pre-wire single unit dwellings in order to provide “ready hook-up” capabilities. 3.Clean, maintain and stock vehicle and equipment in order to be prepared to perform required duties. 4.Inspect existing ground or make new ground according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) in order to protect employees, customers, and equipment from electrical shock or damage. 5.Complete associated paperwork with each work order in a timely manner in order to ensure all details of the work are recorded for entry in the customer’s account once the work is checked in. 6.During the course of normal day-to-day activities: a. Properly operate and maintain installation tools and equipment. b. Report need for vehicle repair or service when required and/or prescribed. c. Report any accidents, losses, injuries or property damage to supervisor and customer when appropriate. 7.Apply knowledge and skills of training on the job in order to prepare for transition to higher CommTech levels. 8.Perform other duties as requested by supervisor in order to achieve departmental goals and objectives. 9. Punctual, regular and consistent attendance. 10. Ability to work overtime as needed.

Tracy 1 Stop / Holiday Stationstore December 2002 to October 2004
Cashier / Customer Service Rep.
Assist customers in all aspects of service including running the cash register, stocking shelves, food preparation, and bulk propane distribution in a fast pace convenience store environment. I also have experience with Product ordering and money management.

Great Harvest Bread Co. November – December 2002
Cashier / Customer Service Rep.
Front counter customer service of taking orders during holiday peak season.

New Life Builders August – November 2002
Seasonal Carpentry Work.

Village Lawn Service May – August 2002
Seasonal lawn work / laborer.

Pioneer College Catering School year 2001 - 2002
Part time cook & dishwasher during college school year.

Messiah Episcopal Summer 2001
Summer intern Youth Leader.

YMCA Camp du Nord Summer 1997-2000
Seasonal camp counselor, cook, and full time maintenance staff person.

Now Sports Summer 1996 – Fall 1997
Bike builder & mechanic.

Kowalski’s Market Summer 1995 – Summer 1996
Customer service & Bag boy.

Other Experience:
➢ Storyteller for a private audience (Minneapolis, contact Angela Goede, 651-274-6320)
➢ Storyteller at Jackson Preparatory School (St. Paul, contact Jen Thomas)
➢ Storyteller at Kopplin’s Coffee (St. Paul, contact Andrew Kopplin)
➢ Storyteller at Children’s Hospitals (St. Paul, contact Lori Olsen).
➢ Storyteller at Blondies Café (St. Paul, contact Alice).
➢ Storyteller at Eastern Heights Elementary (St. Paul, contact Peggy Thomas).
➢ Storyteller at Roosevelt Elementary (St. Paul, contact Miguel Luna).
➢ Storyteller at Prosperity Heights grade school, West St. Paul (contact June Berkowitz).
➢ Storyteller at Willow Pond Farm – Center for the Arts and Sciences (home school co-op, contact Jean Minger North Branch, MN 651-674-5891).
➢ Storyteller at St. Olaf College (contact Heather Limanen).
➢ YWAM DTS training (September 2000 – April 2001). Missionary and Cross Cultural training along with storytelling experience at the village of Minto, Alaska.
➢ Allina Hospice, Volunteer training for hospice, bereavement, and palliative care (1999 – 2000).
➢ Como Zoo, volunteering during high school years. Led educational programs for children.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missy (version 1.99.8)

I will start to update y'all about my life, beginning with the status of Miss America. These are the things I wanted to fix/change about her:
  1. Change the rear brakes - which sucks by the way!
  2. Take out the rear shocks
  3. Change the air intake
  4. Pull and charge the battery
  5. Pull and test the alternator
  6. Add an electric fan
  7. Change the serpentine belt
  8. Change the oil
So as she stands now, I have most of these things done. I'm still waiting for the air intake and the drums to be delivered, but the brake shoes are in; I need to do the wiring for the fan but it's otherwise installed; and the I need to change the oil. That'll be the last thing I think I'll do. It's been extremely interesting working on Missy, I know so much more now about the brakes and the engine! Here are some pictures of what I've been doing: