Friday, June 29, 2007

You like this??

Today at work I've been trying my customer's drinks. Ok, not drinking from them and then giving it to them, but making the same drink again. It's interesting. I have a customer named Chris who gets a latte with cold milk. It's actually not that bad - if you have a good espresso. For a while he was calling it "the pain in the ass latte" or "the silly latte" and we all knew what he meant. I don't think any of us had ever tried it because we know how good a real latte is. The neat thing about steaming milk is that as it steams it becomes a little sweeter, naturally, until you scald it(hopefully you don't). So I wouldn't expect Chris's latte to be very sweet since it's cold. Well, it wasn't, but it did allow the espresso to shine a little more than usual. The milk wasn't bad though, how could it be? It's Cedar Summit - grass fed cows, non-homogenized, milked with love. Oh, the milk is so good anyway.
I also tried a ... bear with me now, a skim vanilla iced latte. Yeah... ok, keep in mind that I use organic vanilla and milk. I extracted Terroir's Ethiopia Yirg into a preheated cocktail shaker, added the vanilla, stirred and then added the skim and shook with ice, then poured over ice. I left a little for myself to check out. Wow, that was the best skim vanilla iced latte I've ever had. It might just be the ingredients, cause I don't think I'd like it other wise. Or maybe I'm just prejudice against those kinds of people that usually get it, or maybe it's the way Starbucks makes it. I don't know.
Lattes are an American drink anyway, I don't think Italy would own up to one any day. They don't make anything larger than a Cappuccino, I don't blame 'em.

So all you "fancy" "floosey" drinkers out there getting flavored sshhhhhtuff, stop it. Order up a double espresso and be done with it.


paul said...

Cole had some whole milk & DaVinci Vanilla that he'd mixed today before a the customer said "can I have that skim?" He couldn't get past one sip when he tried it.

Good job downing the Iced Vanilla. I'm trying to picture you more blond and in a halter top. "Do you have sugar free vanilla?" JK.

MamaBear said...

what's your drink of choice?

Pat "the outdoor cat" Thomas said...

Yeah, I'd have to say that my drink of choice is either a straight shot of espresso or steamed milk. One brings you up the other down.