Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My beans are burnin'

Oh the excitement of a possible roaster fire. OOoooh, I get giddy like a kid at christmas. Little bitty bits of chaff igniting in one glorious fire ball moment. Too bad it didn't happen. You thought you'd get to see pics of a warehouse of fire and me dancing in the ashes like a crazy drunk mosquito or something. Ok, thats kinda weird. But seriously, i was watching my last batch of coffee and I began to see some fun colors in the roaster window. ooo, big flames, thats neat, hope don't get any bigger...
We were really busy today, I roasted 317 lbs of green coffee today. Thats more than me and Jenny combined, thats like ... 634 burgers or something or around 300 loafs of bread. Um, yeah. Anyway this is my day, and I'm listening to Hank Williams.

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Francisco and Kristy said...

pat pat
pat r pat
I miss you