Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tame the Loch Ness Monster

I'm really only refering to Kopplin's coffee's espresso machine the Synesso Cyncra, who some of us lovingly call nessy. I could probably also refer to me when I say that - I've been reading some cool stuff from a singleness website... Anyway, I now work upwards of 36 hours there, thank you Kopplin, thank you Amie! It's going to be a really fun time working so much on the machine and with all our customers. I also have the time now to start back at Storytelling. I'm still working on a home roaster, that should be done within the next two months or so. Aside from those two things, which is a lot, I'm also starting a workout program. One of my customers from Kopplin's has been a personal trainer in Switzerland and offered to help me set up a program. So now I'll be working out four days a week and trying to love it... It's mostly for mental health that I'm doing it, I do feel a little sluggish, but mainly for mental health. Ok, well, if you want to hear some stories just let me know.

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