Monday, October 20, 2008

Plannin' a Weddin' at Light Speed

So, here are the updates from last posted/from when I proposed:
  • We have a place reserved for the ceremony and reception.
  • We have food picked out for the event.
  • The wedding cake is planned and accounted for.
  • Angela's dress and all the bride's maid's dresses are bought, and fit well.
  • Flowers are ready to go.
  • Found a wedding photographer.
  • Had our engagement pictures taken.
  • We registered at three places.
  • Blocked out space at a hotel for guests.
  • Found a Honeymoon spot and got it booked.
  • Found a place to live and have the deposit on it.
  • Music is reserved for the wedding and ready to go.
There have been a lot of things falling into place so well, praise God, I don't know why more people don't plan a wedding two months out? The only things we're really working hard on now is the invitations (we're waiting on paper) and my kilt/s. I'm working on finding more of the paper today, and the kilts just have to be made. Well, if my bank would just allow international purchases this would be a lot easier. Then Libby and Abby are so graciously making the kilts for the grooms party. Yeah, so all in all, we've done a ton of work in about four weeks. In truth, I don't think this would have been such a reality if God wasn't so good, Angela wasn't such a good planner, and our parents weren't helping. Yeah, we did all this in four weeks, pretty wild.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pat, it's Francisco. That's so awesome that everything is falling in to place for you guys :D. It actually sounds like you guys are planning the wedding at "Ludicrous Speed" ;) (don't know if you have seen Spaceballs, but that is where that reference is from if you haven't). Oh and I think it is a very cool touch that you will be wearing a kilt, can't wait for when we can see your wedding pics. Well talk to you later :)

Liz said...

Love the photo! Excited about your plans, praise God indeed, you are planning at lightening speed. Miss you, and can't wait to meet your bride (I'll be in the Cities in March...)