Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm behind in reading, all the books that I've collected in the past couple of weeks are piling up and it's a bit exciting, I have all this to read and no pressure. Surprisingly I've been somewhat busy these past couple weeks. I've been getting more hours at Home Depot, been doing some fun things with Angela, my friend Liz is in town for a little while - she came to visit with Paul and Libby, and most recently Angela, Sam, Marissa and I took a neat little trip to the Walker. It was a good time seeing the art. I have to admit that it's been a while since I've been to a museum so I think I was a little tired afterward. We saw an exhibit about book art, one on a specific artist (Tetsumi Kudo) who had a great deal to do with the topic of metamorphosis, granted it was pretty extreme and somewhat graphic - he used the image of a penis as the form for metamorphosis, a chrysalis as he said. There were lots of penis's there. In a different exhibit there was a cool little video that Ange showed me - turned out one of our friends did the background music to. It was all very intense. I think that my favorite pieces were in the Mythologies exhibition.
We all all got in free with a pass from the library. This is us in the conservatory, next to the sculpture garden. BTW, right now the cherry is gone... I don't know why.

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Kevin D. Hendricks said...

The cherry is currently being re-painted and refurbished. I think it'll be back in April.