Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Camera for a New Town

I finally have a new camera! I am so excited about this! My last two camera's have been the Nikon CoolPix L19. I've liked those but chose the CoolPix L20 just to stick with the family, plus they're cheap and really great. From what I could tell there's only about a 20 dollar difference and it bumps you up to 10 mega pixels as apposed to 8 with the L19. Otherwise they're the same. This one isn't silver like the last two, it's red. Kinda neat.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and movies that come from me, they should be more frequently coming now, and better quality. In fact I have a new post with a picture taken from my new camera, over in my "Cat Wanderings" blog... it's about time I updated that one!

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