Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Cat turns 26

Today, is my birthday. And I am now 26 years old. Yay...
I was supposed to go to breakfast with my family, I slept in. Everywhere I turn someone was saying "happy birthday" to me. Yeah yeah ok thanks, I'd say. I did get a visit from Angela, Spencer and Brendan, that was great. I did like that. They made pictures for me, each of them. I couldn't quite tell what Brendan and Spencer drew, and then he explained that it was Simba and a whole lot of ... stuff going on (he was really animated, as he always is). Brendan gave me a cracker. That was nice.
Ok, that was nice, I liked that, they were nice, no more excitement for the day - I thought. About an hour later I see my parents walk through the door. "Ah, shit." I say under my breath. They came complete with a Sponge Bob Square Pants Balloon, a raspberry cheesecake, forks and napkins. "Alright everyone!" My Dad said, to the full house of people. "C'mon dad..." I said silently. And then he started, singing: happy birthday.
When it was over I got regulars saying - oh, I didn't know it was your birthday! Yeah, ok. Thanks. I was then expected to share the cake. So I did, and everyone thought it was cute my parents came and that I was passing out cake. "Your parents really love you Pat." Sari said to me as I handed her cake. I know, I thought, but why come to Kopplin's? The few hours moved on and I finished work.

I walked next door and began to talk a little with Sammy, my favorite bar tender. He took my food order and placed a beautiful vessel of goodness in front of me! What little sun light came through the window danced in it's amber glow, it's flowing foamy head still moved from side to side as if it were wooing me to itself, winking and smiling. I felt dirty. Should I be dangerous, should I live life high on it's fast wild horse?! Yes, I will!

Beer number one.

These weren't the only thoughts in my head. Why do I not like my birthday? I've liked it in the past, why this year? I don't mind being older, maybe it's that I don't like the attention?

Beer number two.

I wandered back over to Kopplin's were I sat and talked with Damon for a while. We talked about birthdays, work, money, our dating histories, why I was sad, why she was sad and how it all could be remedied. We came to the loose conclusion that relationships won't make us happy (though I could argue for our relationship with Christ as a happy-making relationship ... but I didn't) and neither will work, but that it's still good there are people around both of us that love us deeply.

I drove home, thinking about that conversation and asking God what can I do with all this, and with what I have. I was met warmly by Angela, Noah and Wendy, and when I say warmly I mean that my heart melted (so much so it slid right outta my ass!) and I couldn't help but feel loved, and any response of mine that wasn't in love would be a lie. I felt like I was in blankets, warm blankets, and my nose was cold but it didn't matter cause my toes were warm and fuzzy soft stuff was all around. Paul, Libby, Gibbie and Ezra soon came to dinner and we had a wonderful time. I can't remember who made what, but there were beer bratwursts, sauerkraut, potato salad and home made buns. For dessert there was raspberry cheesecake (AGAIN!!) with whole raspberries and chunks of mango on top. Stories were told, children played and we all had a great time.
What a day to start out bitter and grumpy but only to finish with the wonderful company of those you love. Praise God for life in Christ, praise Him for love laid bare and praise Him for being the example!

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Francisco and Kristy said...

I love you. I love your blog. I love hearing about how brave you're being in your life right now. I'm proud of you and I want you to know I'm cheering you on as loud as I can from all the way over here!