Saturday, April 12, 2008

What doesn't Big have?

The other day I went to my storage unit to find something buried deep there, and low and behold who do I find? BIG!! Big was there! Big and Ace are customers of Kopplin's and he was there cleaning out his storage unit.
"Hey Pat, know any body that wants a scooter?"
"Dude, I'll take it. How much?
"Oh, you can have it for free."
"Ah man, sweet. What are you getting rid of it for?"
"I need more space."
I looked into the unit only to see about seven more scooters, crated and stacked on top of each other. And next to those about twelve single cylinder engines, a motorcycle BMW engine and a Harley engine, all crated and stacked on top of one another. We loaded the scooter into my truck and he helped me strap it down.
"Dude, any more crap you want to get rid of?"
"Ah, here. I give you these engines."
"Ah man!"
He then loads me up with these two engines! I was so happy, so so happy. What am I going to do with the scooter that doesn't work? Rebuild it. What am I going to do with the two engines? ANYTHING!! There is no limit to the uses of these two engines, so far I have the idea of building a wooden motorcycle. Pretty cool huh?

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syorgon said...

That's awesome, dude. I jealous. Perhaps this is a lead?