Friday, January 2, 2009

Meet the Mrs

Hello everyone, it's been a little while since I've blogged last, I've been a little busy. I got married to a wonderful Angela!! The wedding was real fun, the honeymoon was real fun and now we're back to life. I've been learning a lot about this new life style, and am reminded that I am no longer a bachelor, and the kinds of things I should be mindful of is a little different than before. I think the greatest thing that I've learned in these three weeks is that God is faithful and provides. I already know this but the reinforcement of it is sometimes necessary and appreciated, cause I forget sometimes. I love that we both are seeking God and can see Him in each other.
People ask "how's married life?" and I have to respond "Good!" cause really this is such an adventure in uncharted territory everything is good, even when we fight, those times have turned out to be such wonderful times that we can learn about each other and connect in a more intimate way.
The wedding wouldn't be what it was without God's help and the help of a few other awesome people, my shout out's go to: Noah and Wendy, Sam and the amazing helper Dillon, the family that let the Johnson family stay with them in Winona, aunt Mary-Anne and Harrow for letting people stay at their house, Kira's mom for letting us have some pictures taken with her horse and letting us change into our kilts in their room and last but not least Libby - for all her hard work on the Kilts and my hair (giving me a cut right before the wedding). I love you tons Lib.
My Wedding

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Kevin D. Hendricks said...

And a shout out goes to the bride and groom for serving fried chicken at their wedding. Woot, woot!