Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's a Marriage Really Mean? To You.

Angela and I went to Kopplin's today and continued to read our marriage book, Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts, where I got some funny/uncomfortable looks from a few folks about what we were reading.
"Is this weird? That we're reading a marriage book? I don't feel like it's weird but is it just not the norm for couples to read marriage books together?" I asked Angela, I felt a little confused not really knowing how to interpret the selected looks I just got.
"Sadly, it kind've is. I mean really, a woman will suggest it and get grief from her husband."
Hrmph, this is a sad thing indeed.

There were a couple of things that our marriage counselor's (Mark and Kirsty) told us, as suggested good things to do:
  1. Always be reading a marriage book. It's a great way to start conversation and spur eachother on to a better marriage. Plus, you can always be improving yourselves and the marriage.
  2. Fight for your marriage. The enemy wants to destroy marriages, they are/can be a fantastic image of God to his people and that's the last thing that the enemy wants. Mark and Kirsty reminded us that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the powers in the spirit (Ephesians 6:12). It was suggested that one of the best ways to battle for your own marriage is "to have sex as much as possible" - direct quote.


Anonymous said...

My favorite marriage book? (You know, since you asked :))

A Two-Part Invention by Madeleine L'Engle. It's not a "marriage" book in the same way Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is but it's the story of L'Engle & her husband and the best example of a marriage that I have ever seen/read. And bonus - it's just a really good book.

Francisco said...

Hey Pat, I think the marriage books Kristy and I have tackled, we have either done in a church group or in bed together (though in all honesty I have not been able to finish any of the books, not for any particular reason, just seem to not get through them). All that to say I don't know how people would react, but what you described doesn't really surprise me either.

Some great marriage books I would recommend are "Love and Respect" and "Cinderella Meets the Caveman". And I think reading together is a great idea.

P.S. I got your call Pat while I was at work, that's why I didn't answer, but Kristy and I are doing pretty good though she is still struggling to get a job. We love you too.

Pat "the outdoor cat" Thomas said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate the book suggestions! It's easier for us to read together, or rather I read to Angela and we end up talking about it as we go along. I think it's kinda fun actually... I end up making voices or acting out the relationship scenarios, heh, that doesn't seem to get old... (smile)