Saturday, June 20, 2009

Christi is like a boss

This past weekend Angela and I had a visitor, a wonderful guest from Angela's high school and college days, who goes by the name of Christi. Christi came from Oregon to be in a wedding and stayed a little bit longer to be with us. Christi is pretty awesome, though I think I annoyed her with all my questions about the long and dangerous trail she took! She showed me one of her journal entries, and a picture of her and her husband when they moved out there about five years ago, and I was pretty shocked. She then showed me an interactive blog on her blackberry that she made documenting the journey. Sadly her husband Chris died of dysentery along the way... and she had to bury him along the trail... and then she lost an oxen... but, she still made the wedding...

We visited Kopplin's while she was here, also went to crazy cathy's.

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