Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Trip!

We are THERE!! Seattle! It's pretty crazy that we made it all the way. Three days of travel, concluding with a fun barista jam at Victrola, where Seattle and L.A. competed against each other. It was a crazy drive.

Day 1: St. Paul MN to Billings MT, 849 miles, at 60 miles per hour equals about fourteen hours of driving. We did it in about fifteen to sixteen hours because of stopping for gas and such. We stayed at the K.O.A. in Billings which was an interesting experience, I've never done K.O.A. before, I've also never slept next to a refinery before either. That wasn't the best, especially hearing them burn off something early in the morning.

Day 2: Billings MT to Spokane WA, 529 miles, also at 60 miles per hour AND THROUGH MOUNTAINS!!! I'm glad that I installed a transmission cooler before we left cause the 6% grades up and down were crazy on my truck! Especially for so long - six miles up at a 6% grade will easily heat up your engine! My truck was easily running at speeds of five to six thousand RPM's for almost the whole time. We stayed at a K.O.A. there too. That one wasn't so bad, oh yeah, except for the freight train barreling through town blowing it's horn at three in the morning. It might as well have been running through our tent it was so loud! In the morning I looked over to see that the rail road tracks were about 50 feet away...

Day 3: Spokane WA to Seattle WA, 305 miles, 60 miles per hour. Some more mountains and desert, actually. A lot of eastern Washington reminded me of North Dakota, I thought that was interesting.
All in all it was a good trip. My "service engine soon" light came on near northern Minnesota, I stopped in a small town and had a guy check what it was for; it was for one of my O2 sensors, first bay second sensor. Really no big deal, maybe a little lower mileage but it wasn't going to hurt the truck. And we also found that Angela was driving on three wheels, basically. One of her tires was inflated to 15 PSI.


melody said...

YOU MADE IT!!! Yay for safe travels!
Love you both :)

Geoffrey Nel Thomas said...

I'm glad you guys made it safe and sound, because that looks like one rickety rig.