Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missy (version 1.99.8)

I will start to update y'all about my life, beginning with the status of Miss America. These are the things I wanted to fix/change about her:
  1. Change the rear brakes - which sucks by the way!
  2. Take out the rear shocks
  3. Change the air intake
  4. Pull and charge the battery
  5. Pull and test the alternator
  6. Add an electric fan
  7. Change the serpentine belt
  8. Change the oil
So as she stands now, I have most of these things done. I'm still waiting for the air intake and the drums to be delivered, but the brake shoes are in; I need to do the wiring for the fan but it's otherwise installed; and the I need to change the oil. That'll be the last thing I think I'll do. It's been extremely interesting working on Missy, I know so much more now about the brakes and the engine! Here are some pictures of what I've been doing:


Linus said...

please post a picture of your gigantic wrench

quackquackinthekitchen said...

do you think that Missy's namesake (Miss America) needs this much work to stay in, basically she's getting the truck equivalent of a "new and improved, better than ever" look? Like, say, having her legs waxed... going to the gym more regularly...eating healthier whole and organic foods...wearing some hipper clothes...spending more time in meditation to work on her inner self...
basically, Missy went away for the summer and will return stronger and more beautiful than ever. like when a celebrity tries to make a comeback. like Kylie Minogue. or the seventeen times Madonna has done that.

do you think she'll be ready for an event in the 2010 olympics?
not Madonna, silly...Missy.

(it's a good think you're a bigger dork than I am...otherwise you'd think I was weird for writing all this...)

great work on the truck Mr. HotManPatrick. I'm so proud of you and how hard you have been working!almost there...

Pat "the outdoor cat" Thomas said...

This really is ... basically a family friendly blog. I don't know that I should post my WRENCH online. Linus, if you wanted to see my wrench, really, just ask me in person... :)