Thursday, August 28, 2008

149 Years of Fair Fun!!

This year's fair is almost over, why am I thinking this? Because it drains the life out of me. I should say that it drains me when I work it, when I'm here to enjoy it and have fun it is so much fun. Overall it's attendance has been more than the past two years and I've seen some really shocking trends:
  1. People are looking larger... width wise.
  2. Women love to show off their ... um, chest. To the point where I'm embarrassed for them.
  3. Women are treating their men very poorly, demeaning and patronizing, I don't know what that's about but it's real weird. Maybe they think they're funny. And all these guys just taking it. I don't think it's right.
Working a booth that lets you people watch all the time is kinda eye opening, to say the least. So I see all this in front of me and I can hear the live broadcast of Channel 4, Obama in the background giving a speech, and testimonies of people excited to see a change, something they've been waiting for since a breakthrough was made in the 60's. So I see these people and the possible future of our country and I think, this world still isn't my home. I say this and remember my friend Liz singing a little song about the glory train and how we have so much to look forward to in heaven and that that is where our heart should live. I'm not saying that Obama and all he's doing is futile, but that we must seek first the Kingdom and God will never be false to what He's promised and to who He is.
The fair is fun, but it let's me know that people all over are in need of the one who invented fun, who is fun and who is the great get-togetherer. Ok, I've talked enough, check out these pics and tell me what you think.

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