Thursday, January 17, 2008

fish = rent

So I'll be moving into a community house (called the Steiger House)and having to be more responsible with money than I've ever been before!! Sadly it's taken me so long to learn how to live within my means, not "within" my means. It can get a little hard when you only work at a coffee shop, excuse me, THE coffee shop, but then I think of my friends Paul and Libby and Liz and Jesus - yeah, he didn't have any money and God totally took care of Him. There was even that time when Peter and Jesus were supposed to pay taxes and they didn't have any money, so Jesus told him to go fishing and the fish had money in it's mouth (Matthew 17:24-27), totally awesome! I guess that means I need to go ice fishing more... hmm. Anyway, I guess it's good I'm learning this now and not later, right? I'll have some pics soon of the house and my mates.


MamaBear said...

right on, Pat. He always, always takes care of us. Sure, we might also be freakishly thrifty, but he is the one who gives us all we need and more, and we haven't lacked yet. so excited for you!

Liz said...

Very cool! I'm excited for this new adventure in community living. Good stuff.