Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ice Skating Wisdom

The U.S. Figure Skating Championship is underway in Saint Paul here and my aunt came to watch her niece, Chrissy Hughes, battle her way to the top. It seems really interesting, sure, but I have to admit that I'm not really into figure skating , partly because it's figure skating and partly out of spite that my aunt took my room and I'm sleeping on the couch. I've heard that it's a complicated and expensive sport, like gymnastics and football and baseball ... but I don't really care. Mirai Nagasu won today's Senior Ladies Free skate after falling once. So I learned one thing from Ice Skating recently, is that even if you fall just get back up and do your best, cause you're going to fall, but you can still win even if you fall. The Caveat you should know is that there's a panel of people always judging and scoring you. So, I guess if you fail, just remember no matter where you are, at some point you were first.

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