Friday, January 4, 2008

Whoa, such a long time

Yea, it's been a long time since I've written in this blog, so I'll give a brief synopsis of the past two, two and a half months... here goes.

Around the middle of October I got a personal trainer, the best kind, the tough and rough no-nonsense body building attitude that can only come from Turkey, and I pay him in ... espresso? Yes, espresso. His name is Cem (pronounced: gem) and he's awesome. Here's my schedule.

I spent Thanksgiving in Los Angeles Califonia with some friends of mine from the college days. They were wonderful hosts and cooks and even let me drive around the crazy cali streets to venture the west coast "spro" shops (thats slang for espresso, atleast it's not ex-presso like it sometimes is here). Sadly I didn't get to visit a shop they said had great espresso, Choke - it's actually a moped shop that has an espresso machine as well.
I then came back to good old Minnesota to continue to work full time for Kopplin's coffee. We had a wonderful review in the paper, and an internet blog, and the radio, as well as a mention in Citypages for our use of Rogue's Single origin chocolate. We got SUPER busy!

Christmas was low key, and now we're in 2008. On the eve of this new year we're in I got to hang with the mighty disciple of Christ Liz Fleming, she's back in town for only a little while and then she moves on the Argentina to teach and heal and minister the good news of Jesus Christ.

I have some interesting news regarding my living situation, um ... I might be moving to ... minneapolis. I know I know you're all worried, but it's ok, I'm applying to live with a Christian community NE Mpls. I think it'll be good for me to stretch little.

Over all I'm doing well, working out, constantly improving my milk texturing and shot pulling, and trying to follow God. It's not been easy really, in these past few months, I really have a hard time with the holidays, but I think I'm learning. Ok ttyl...


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