Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tats, Beards and Food

Whoa, in less than a week now I'll be moving to Minneapolis. That's a scary place, but I won't be there alone, I'll be living with seven other people!! Here's a picture of two of them, Levi - in front with the amazing beard, and Noah - facing the espresso machine. The others are: Wendy (Noah's wife), Lorraine (my floor mate), Stephanie, Lisbeth, and Jackie. So in total there will be eight of us and I'm pretty excited. Also, Wendy and Libby - I think you two should get this tattoo:


MamaBear said...

What a tatoo! whose arm is it on?

paul said...

I love that photo of our twins. He looks just like you in the background. I just need to work on my beard some more and part my hair to the side.