Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ian returns soon!!

At Kopplin's Coffee, we have a special place in our hearts for the person that drinks the "straight shot", someone who loves espresso and doesn't defile it by adding sugar and/or sometimes milk ( although macchiato's and cappuccino's are fine). There is a certain someone, that all the barista's at Kopplin's know, who only drinks espresso straight and he's been gone for the past six weeks. It's been weird not having him around, but just yesterday Andrew got a poem from him via email and this is how it reads:

I am returning soon
my darling, my island
my refuge in this busy world-
my little cafe,
(mon petit cafe,
tu es comme pour les anges un coin,
l'on qui donne les belles boissons)
from this wasted,
cold and snowy, rural land,
which at least fools me,
that at times I have thought
my rough coffee appropriate.
Soon I shall resume my walks
to read in your couched store front,
at the table with the little lamp,
or tucked away, back in the rear,
soon to sit and enjoy,
again my time in demitasse.
I shall not stay absent too much longer,
from where the baristas seek tongues
to pull flavors from cups,
as they themselves
pull flavors from beans,
from where my tongue becomes sponge,
and I needn't swallow a drop
(gross habit of frogs,
eaters of flies, drinkers of muck,
unaccustomed to allowing
the lingering of taste).
I am returning soon
my dear, my heart
(mon cher, mon coeur),
my long lost after but a short while,
my little cafe.


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