Wednesday, May 14, 2008

94 East my Friends!!

I spent a couple days away from the normal world of coffee and community and went to the cabin. Some writing was done (keep in mind that the document I posted earlier updates as I update it, so check it often if you like), some fire building, some worship and early mornings ... This morning I was woken up by a large Tom, kinda cool, but kinda annoying. Last night I saw three deer sleeping in the meadow, that was cool. After the Tom moved on by and I began to wake up a little I cleaned the house and began to pack for the drive home. Oh, but low and behold, I see some cows near the road that start to call out my name. Yes, my name is actually pronounced: Moooaaaahhh. I went for a little walk to see them, they were shy and had three new calf's with them. The largest of the cows walked hesitantly up to my hand, outstretched over the electric fence, and licked me with her big black tongue. She took a step back in surprise and stomped. At the stomp the rest of the cows, who were curious, did a little shutter and stood still. She then shook her big head as if to say: noooo. About that moment two cars pulled up asking if I was getting the calf's back in the fence. "Just saying hi" I said. The farmer was relieved and told me that he's been checking on the new ones just in case one of them got out. And Scene...
(Cheesy musical score fades in as Patrick walks from the cows, waving happily at the farmer, who is equally waving happily back ... birds chirping ... happy sun ... aaahhhhhhh ...)

I drove north to Phillips, where I had breakfast at the freight house restaurant and had awful coffee but great hash browns, eggs, homemade cinnamon raisin bread and steak. I also heard some great one liners and some really interesting conversation, like so:

"I would imagine people throw a lot of things at you bill." (In response to a story about a bar fight that cost him a tooth)
"Sue super glued my dick to my leg once. What? It's true, yeah they had to cut it loose." (...pranks a spouse can play on each other)
"Ya-know what the best part of you is? Seeing you walk out that front door." (Old man to a young woman...)


I started thinking that if I wanted to I could start roasting here and I'd make a killing, I mean how many of these hoo-ha's have had good coffee? Probably not many if they're used to this brown cigarette water. I was so desperate for a signal that I reverted back to my ghetto comcast days when I would drive slowly through neighborhoods scanning the open wifi networks. I drove past the Library first to see if I could score some good library signal, but no. What's next? The somewhat good homes I saw as I drove past, those were all locked (though I know some codes, those didn't work). Ok, down main street, and YES!! I find one! Thanks Davette! I would think that a CPA's office would have a little more secure network but whatever.

The drive back home was uneventful, but like always, I end up at Kopplin's. So here I am writing this blog from a table at Kopplin's coffee. Where would the world be without it's coffee shops, and Milstead ... and reading ... ma ter iaal ...

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Linus said...

Wonderful story my friend.

You should've taken a picture with your new friends, the cows.