Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank Goodness it's done!

Wow, the SCAA came and went, the championship happened and all that attended I'm sure had too much to drink, I know I did. I have a couple of pics for you to see but the best bloggers out there can do a better job of summing up the weekend than I can (Liz, the official blog, video feeds, the Ghost, and Meister - who has some sweet tats I wish I could show you!). I will reflect a little about what I learned through all this.

The weekend was crazy in that there was so much happening in the coffee world and in my own as well. I feel like a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. Sunday was my one month with Angela and we had a great time spending it in Afton with Captain Mudslinger. Because I was going crazy with the partying, forgetting house things, spending time with Angela and God, learning about things technical and making friends with Synesso; I started something that I tend to do about every two to three years - I reevaluate what matters most to me and how my actions in life right now are showing that or not and what I'm doing to remedy and/or continue those things. It's not a real easy process but I think I make it pretty simple. I first outline the things in my life that matter to me, and then the things that take my time currently. How do they match? Then I just journal and pray about each bullet that I wrote down, and I end up making a massive list of stuff.
Here is the list right now, it's pretty personal but I wanted to share it so that maybe you can be encouraged in whatever you're doing.

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