Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Announce of a Move

It's been a crazy week... again. Earlier this week Patty had to go to the hospital because of a seizure and later found out that she has Graves Disease. That was kind've a surprise and a massive shock for her to remember walking down the street and then waking up in the ER with bruises and iv's. So all of us here at Kopplin's coffee have been trying to support Patty and help her with whatever she needs, her mom's in town so thats good too.
Today she told us that she is planning on moving back to Milwaukee as soon as possible. Which is sad. It's going to be a better setup for her in that she's from there and her parents live there, but we'll all miss her. So if you're in Milwaukee and you see an Alterra coffee house, she might just be there.

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